New Just That site Launched

I’m happy to announce the launch of our new creative services site.

Just That Communications has been in business for 8 years and we couldn’t be happier.


This most recent instalment rounds up the three online spaces we occupy to show our talents.

Explore our new site and check out the WHAT?. It’s everything you were looking for in visual marketing services.


Don’t be shy either.

If you like what you see just “GET IN TOUGH”.

Hope to hear from you.



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Shooting Backgrounds specific to Marketing Efforts

Shot from Port Starboard facing aft with a few passengers near Nova Scotia side

Today I want to share the results of a photo shoot I did in June of 2011. This shoot was part of the main production in the design of a Trolley Wrap for Northumberland Ferries. The ferry runs between Mainland Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Find part 1 of the story here (

Shot from the stern with Fisheye


It sort of falls into the category of commercial photography on the border of technical boredom.


The challenge was to produce a background image that would comfortably fill the side of a Trolley, that’s right a trolley (bus actually, just shaped differently) with a little visual interest, while accommodating the other essential graphic elements to convey the correct messaging as developed in the concept. This trolley runs the summer streets for tourists exploring Charlottetown PEI.


Final image facing port with chain link gone and new water/sky

Since the completion of the Confederation bridge, in the spring of 1997 (opening in May 1997), costing 1.3 billion and spanning 12.9-kilometres (8 mi) from New Brunswick to Prince Edward Island, the ferry service traffic has dwindled drastically. Now only operating between Pictou NS to Wood Islands PEI it sees very few passengers. NFL was looking to find a way to draw those travellers that had taken the bridge to return via the ferry to enhance their experience and charm of traveling to and from PEI.


As a lad I spent many a summer vacation traveling to and from the Island. It was always an integral part of the vacation. Once you got off the ferry in PEI you felt no one could drag you back. Freedom indeed. Now with today’s technology it’s near impossible to hide from your day to day pressures.


Hence the thought behind the trip via ferry. It was totted as the ideal way to slow down on your way to your vacation spot. Spending time with family on the way and enjoying a leisurely boat ride with gorgeous views. The adventure was what it was all about.

Shot facing port


The series shows both the challenges of shooting the space and making it work on the trolley. (Note: the shoot is early June, shortly before the season would become busy, so as to get an unobstructed area to shoot.


Final image was shot with a Manfrotto pan head with images in portrait orientation and stitched in photoshop. All images were shot at 3104x4672px (24+MB each as RAW) ISO 100, f8.0 and 1/500th with 24mm (real at 35mm) to gain as much real estate as possible so as to reduce changes in lighting between frames (12 in all). Both port, starboard, forward and aft were shot to guage the correct perspective for the trolley and match as closely to the concept mock-up.


I have included a few single shots to establish the ultimate amount of material needed in each perspective (mostly shot with a fisheye to fill the frame. The fisheye made it very easy to assess what would and wouldn’t work. It also gave me a couple of interesting shots from the upper deck, one of which we used in the transit poster.


Left and right side of Trolley Final art

Enjoy, Derek


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Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Kathy, Deanne and Derek

We would like to extend a warm wish to all our clients and let everyone know we will be on hiatus through the holiday season and back on the grind January 2, 2013.

I will be monitoring email and hopefully adding to my other blog about the season.

Enjoy and see you in the new year, Derek

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Announcing a new home for my blog

Well here is where my Blog will now reside. Hope it’s as easy as my eblogger was. I won’t abandon the old blog I’ve decided to use that the way I have been, telling stories. You know, where I’ll be or what I’ve been working on. Not sure yet. But it will grow as I forge along growing my photo business.

Here’s the link to my eblog:

Cheers, Derek.

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